Consulting Services

“Please don’t tell my mother I’m a consultant. She thinks I’m a guitar player in a strip joint.”


Yes, it’s true! GonzoBanker is run by a bunch of consultants. Although a general feeling of malaise and nausea usually strikes people when they hear the word “consultant,” we want to assure you that things are much different with the GonzoBankers.

So let’s set things straight:

  • We are not the folks who borrow your watch to tell you what time it is – instead, we simply peer over at your wrist when you’re not looking.
  • We’re not the type of people who come in to solve a problem and stay around long enough to become part of it.
  • We never use silly words like “paradigm” and “mission statement” – we prefer more pragmatic terms like “revolutionary mental model” and “envisioned future state.”
  • We refuse to hire slick MBA types named Tad, Chad or Biff – they whine too much on the road and get scared when we send them into a bank’s item processing department.
  • We try very hard to get to the point – in fact, our deliverables weigh 75% less than the average Big 6 deliverable. (That saves a lot of trees you know!)

GonzoBankers like to emphasize reality over theory, projects we can get done vs. unattainable dreams, and a no-BS approach when interacting with our clients. We spend a lot of our nights at Hampton Inns and Marriotts around the country, working with bankers who are actually implementing the new ideas and systems that vendors, consultants and the press continually foist on this industry. (We also are addicted to the free coffee and stale doughnuts at these places!)

Our consulting group, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc., can provide some serious help to financial institutions in the areas of technology and e-commerce planning, strategic planning, vendor selection, contract negotiation, performance improvement and merger integration services. For the past decade, we’ve helped hundreds of financial institutions make stuff really happen.

If you’d like more information on our consulting services, check out our corporate home page at